Friday, September 11, 2009

School Happened

I apologize for the lack of timely updates, school has interfered with the large quantity of time it requires to update the program. A simple update is underway, though unfinished, which will include a minor fix to the Vorpal Crit checkbox, changing the min/max damage for Vorpal, and showing hopefully helpful hints in the bar at the bottom for when you mouse-over each component.
Because of the huge number of components I have, naturally this last step takes a long time to write.

Current Program Suggestions:
Make a much better GUI, currently it is huge, crowded, and ugly. (very hard)
Make a reroll pool for such things as Elven Accuracy. (also very difficult)
Add more attacks, which may get it closer to dealing with nova territory. (would take forever)
Add better attack dependencies, including recursive damage calculation for Rampage, and multiple attack dependencies such as from Quick-hit Bracers.(most difficult thing here)

Essentially, these additions will take weeks of work. Time I don't really have at the moment, taking a full load of engineering classes.
I think all of those additions would be great for the program, however, and eventually I want to get around to implementing them. For now, accept the program as it is, and don't hold your breath for an update that will solve all your problems.