Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Public Beta vs 1.09b

Free google hosting later, my program is up on teh interwebs.
Free for download and useage.
(Program is 7zipped. Download 7zip to open)
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DnD 4E Damage Calculator is a program designed and coded in VisualBasic .NET for the purpose of providing a (hopefully) useful tool in deciding which attacks to use in 4E Dungeons and Dragons. It allows you to input your attacks in a given round, and provides a DPR value based on your input monster level and type, which determines the defenses of the given monster, and therefore your attack's effectiveness vs given monster.


Damage Per Round is an average, and therefore will not generally reflect your actual damage given in any round. It is close what your damage would be if you repeated the attack against the same monster, with the same defenses for several thousand iterations and averaged it, taking into account the misses and crits. It is a good benchmark for determining the power of an attack, especially relative to other attacks. You could use it to test a maxim of 4E: an attack bonus is superior to a damage bonus of the same value. You could determine just how good an increased critical range is relative to a static damage bonus.

DPR is not the only deciding factor for the utility of a power. Accuracy, while also a component which decides DPR, is crucial to the effectiveness of a character. A character who deals infinite damage on a roll of 20 will have an infinite DPR, yet he will be ineffective on 95% of his rounds. An extreme example, but the point is that accuracy is reliability, and without a moderate accuracy your character's attacks are unreliable. Against monsters of your level, your % To Hit should be 50% or more.

A note on Combat Advantage

Combat Advantage provides a +2 bonus to attack rolls; a +10% increase in the average character's accuracy, even more for Avengers. If a character only had a 50% accuracy before, its new relative accuracy with combat advantage is 20% higher than before. So keep in mind that a simple +2 bonus can make your character that much better. Assuming your character's accuracy lies around the 50% range, you can view each +1 to hit as approximately a 10% relative increase in hitting, and therefore around a 10% increase in damage.

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