Friday, July 31, 2009

Version 1.17b

Download (Mirror)

Changes in this revision:
  • Now asks if you want to save when you exit
  • Added Holy Ardor checkboxes for the Avenger-inclined
  • Added Infobar (actual information not implemented yet)
  • Added Min/Max Damage tab
  • Packaged a few example text files
  • Open is now backwards-compatible with 1.14b


  1. Discovered 2 bugs that will be fixed in the next version:
    1. Vorpal Crit checkbox doesn't work.
    2. Min damage improperly factored for bonus dice

    If you discover a bug, typo or anything that really annoys you, please post a comment or send me an email.

  2. Looks like it works good to me :)

  3. Good DPR calculator. Should improve user interface though.

  4. I didn't quite understand how to test my ranger twin strike dpr. Can you explain? >.<

  5. Twin strike has 2 independent attacks, so first check Attack 2 checkbox. You can type "Twin Strike 1" and "Twin Strike 2" into the Name textboxes to clarify your attacks. Input the same attack bonus into both Attack Bonus sections, unless you have something like Barrage Bracers, which give the second attack a +1 to hit. Twin Strike targets AC, so leave that on. Leave Roll Twice as off, unless you have Hero of Faith and can use Oath of Enmity. Both attacks can trigger your Hunter's Quarry damage, so leave "Triggers OPR" on "Yes".
    Set your character level, and it will automatically calculate the typical AC for a monster of your level. Your to-hit chances will now show up.

    Now time for Damage. Your #[W] is 1 for both attacks, since you roll 1[W] for each attack. Input your Weapon Damage for both attacks, ex: 1d10 for a longbow. Next you put in your damage bonus to each attack, ignoring Bonus Dice unless there's a special property which grants you additional dice of damage that activates on every attack.
    Click on Critical Damage. If you have a magical weapon, you can input extra critical damage into there, such as 1d6 for an ordinary +1 magic weapon.
    Check additional weapon properties, such as High Crit. You can ignore the miss tab of damage unless you have something like Hammer Rhythm.

    As a ranger, you get Hunter's Quarry damage, which goes into the "Once-Per-Round" damage section. Normally this is 1d6 in heroic. Check "applies on hit".

    Now your DPR should be calculated for your attacks. If you want to change something in your attack and see how much it benefits you, you can check "Save and Compare DPR" then change your attacks.

  6. First of let me say, this is a great program. I've been doing all my DPR calculations by hand, which sometimes isn't bad except when wanting to compare several different combinations. If there is one thing I'd love to see is the tab-order to be fixed. A form with a crap-ton of textboxes such as this one, a good tab-order is imperative. Also, what language is this written in?

  7. This is written in Visual Basic .NET
    I'm aware of the tab-order being ridiculously wonky. Unfortunately due to my inexperience I neglected tab-ordering altogether, and now it is an inextricable mess which I've found is nearly impossible to fix.

    While I am too busy with school at the moment to rectify all my program's errors, come summer I will either attempt an in-depth rectification of all these errors, or create an entirely new program using my old program and your criticisms as guidelines.