Monday, July 27, 2009

New Build! Several suggestions implemented.

Version 1.14b is out.
Download (Mirror)

New in this version:
IMPORTANT: Old saves will probably not work with the new program, due to the addition of several fields. Old save files no longer have enough data to satiate the lust for input my program now has.

  • Damage Workspace has been REJIGGERED (I believe that is the technical term), and now has tabs for main, crit, and miss damage
  • Enemy Defenses now has an HP field, allowing you to test your attacks against a specific monster
  • Bloodiron checkboxes added, allowing you to double the crits and double the fun
  • In addition to Enemy HP %, I added a basic fraction section, to make it more evident just how effective your attack really is. I think you'll like it.
  • Old DPR saving and comparison. You can now check the box to save your current DPR, change a bunch of things, and see the difference between the old DPR and new DPR, both as a percentage and as a DPR value. NOTE: You can also type in an Old DPR value manually if you desire, once the checkmark has been checked.
  • Help has been slightly updated
  • About window now has a link to this blog
  • Added a Frequency box to OPR damage, which allows you to reduce (or if you type a percentage in, increase) the damage of your OPR effect, based on how often you think you'll receive it.
  • Changed Crit Dice multiplier default value list, so that it includes numbers bigger than 6, for the crazy-critical-minded.
  • Added Unconditional Damage section, for the Stormwardens who want their static damage added to DPR unconditionally. Hopefully what that box does is clear enough
And that's about it for new things. Of course, I ended up breaking at least 3 other things, which I had to fix manually. First the Saving/Opening, then the File menu disappeared for no reason, then the Clear button went to hell. Well, I manually refreshed what Clear did; now there is no hidden text file that contains values for the program, like I had before. I thought it would be a simple matter to replace that text file, only Visual Studio had a decoy.....
I replaced the old "clear.txt" file within my project, only to find that it did nothing. There was still an internal reference to some hidden file going by the same name. Hidden file searching ensued, and I found the culprit. "AHA" I thought to myself, "This will be a simple matter of replacing the file now that I've found the real one!" I was mistaken, for the hidden file had weaved secret tendrils into my program, that could not be undone. Now nothing worked for clear, and my menustrip had just disowned all its buttons.

LONG STORY SHORT, I rewrote the entire Clear menu item's code, for every. single. control. and manually typed in what its original value was. I had to go into the program loading area and reassociate the menu items with the menu as well. Still unsure of why it failed, but now everything should work.

Let me know what things don't work anymore, I'm sure there's a good chance I broke something else by adding so much.

That was a LOT for one night! Well, for me its no longer night (8am) but it's a coder's life.

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