Thursday, July 30, 2009

Planned Updates Thread

FYI comments do not require an account (but do require a CAPTCHA) and are appreciated.
Post suggestions for new additions to the program here. I will reference other threads where this is posted and update with some of your suggestions, but posting them in the comments here makes this easier.
  • Add support for Storm of Blades, w/ reroll pool. Will be in a separate, special form.
  • Either force the program to pretend blank fields are zero, or auto update blank fields with zero.
  • Add support for Holy Ardor; new Avenger PP feature in Divine Power
  • Add min/max damage view
  • Add information bar to supplement Help
  • Package some example text files with new program (Re: Populate suggestion)


  1. See, it's easy to comment! Try out the build at the top-right, and see if there's anything I left out, anything you'd like change, then post it here.

  2. It's a really cool program. Helped me a lot already. The rampage from Barbarian is not really possible to implement - a once per round basic attack that happens on any crit on mult-attacks, and that can crit itself.

  3. Rampage is seriously tricky to implement into the existing program. I confess, I didn't plan it out well enough to be fully expandable for all these other options. Rampage applies recursively, which isn't horrible difficult to implement for a single attack, though it would take some work.